Tane is a multitalented and multi-instrumental woman. She makes electronic music, mixed with acoustic instruments. She paints acoustic pictures for relaxing and listening to music reclusively and she wants you to close your eyes and relax while savouring the moment.

Tane refers to her own work as a One-Woman-Show. She has been composing and sound-designing with electronic equipment for more than two decades. Tane is producer, composer, songwriter, sound-designer and she wrote a lot of well known songs.
Anyway, she plays piano, guitars, various stringed instruments, drums, sax, flute, didgeridoo. Give her an instrument and she will play it... see her perfoming live or book her for turning the tables.

says: "I am a One-Woman-Show and I create moods, songs and pictures for your mind. 
That is really my intention while composing. I have stories in my mind and I try to find the right background music for these movies in my head...something like scores and soundtracks...but special".

Enjoy my music and relax !

Yours, Tane


(Ambient, New Age)

Close Your Eyes

(Downtempo, Triphop)

Acoustic PIctures

(Chill, Downtempo)



(Ambient, Leftfield)

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